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3 Levels I Made From May-August

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I've completed what I think, are 3 excellent wads (homage to the original Dooms), over the course of the last 2 months or so. I paid a LOT of attention to map design in Petilence and Famine in particular.

You'll encouncter hordes of Demons, Secret Weapons, Wall messages, and more throughout those 2 levels.

I also made a mock-up fight of Saw and Mortal Kombat where 2 enemies must fight with fists (no ammo).

I really hope you all enjoy the level design. I must've spent about 10-15 hours total on all 3 levels.

I'm really studying SnapMap and will be focusing more on AI Behaviour, Music in Levels (which is shit, I want to put my own music in), as well as Strings, Integers, and Booleans. The more technical aspects.


Constructive feedback is much appreciated:

Pestilence.wad - J4CXAZEG

Famine.wad - TFNXADUT

MKSAW.wad - 9YSC793M

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If there are any errors you can just report them here and I'll fix them up.

I aim to get another 3 levels out by the end of fall. I might even do a game mode with one of them and fiddle around with that, although I much perfer the classic doom levels of just you shooting up monsters until the end.

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Ok, you want constructive criticism, here it is. I played your Pestilence map where I just ran to the Hell module, used the panel, and got the victory. You gotta make victory harder to get than this. You know from playing all the Doom games that you gotta make the player work to gain entry to an area, and then work it for another area, until he gains entry to the room where the victory is.

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