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Updating on PS4

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Right, so, when I start the game up, I see an option for a free update, and when I select it, it takes me to a web page where I'm being asked to pay for the update. Am I missing something here? I use my brother in law's PS4, so I'm totally unfamiliar with how DLC works on it and such.

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I assume you're seeing this free update thing below the game's icon on the main screen that shows your games and apps, as well as friends and settings etc. at the top of the screen. That's advertising free updates that come WITH the DLC, if you wanna download the update for free (you might have already, as it usually downloads updates automatically) press options on the doom icon (the icon where when you press X on it it'll start the game) and click "check for update". if there's an update you've not downloaded it'll download now.

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Most likely the game is already updated, the system tells you when you have an update pending. If you go to Downloads, there you can see if Doom was updated or not.

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