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I've been thinking a bit about demos recently. Obviously we are going to need 3 demos for both the shareware iwad and the main iwad. The closest thing to a standard demo format between ports is the original 1.9 demos (possibly boom too, although only for ports derived from boom). This means that a couple of levels are going to have to be original doom-only, no boom effects, so that demos can be recorded on them.

Now, a more interesting question, what are we going to put in the demos?

I was figuring we could probably get some speedruns done, and maybe a fast paced deathmatch demo as well. Remember freedoom is in part supposed to be a showcase for the talents of the doom community. I dont know of many other games that have speedruns done for them (there might have been some Quake speedruns I think), and even now Doom is fairly unique in its fast paced deathmatch.


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sounds good. if we ever decide to release demos for other levels, they should be boom 2.02 demos, since it is boom compatible (obviously) and is readable and playable by mbf and prboom, which is more ports than most other demo formats except for 1.9

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