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Apparently this site has a few unused tracks.

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I found this link on Reddit.


Besides the complete soundtrack it also appears to contain some very interesting unused tracks, many of which would fit perfectly in Doom 64.

I was able to listen to them via the embedded player but whenever I click the download button it sends me to adware sites. The CD1 link works perfectly though.

Can anyone get us a link please? This stuff is just perfect for custom WADs.


It seems the first link for the download works. Man I hate it when people upload to shady sites like these.

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AbhinandAnilDoomguy said:

I didn't understand the 'getting the link' thing. Can you please explain that in detail?

The links from "Uploaded" seem to work. Just make sure you have AdBlock. Everytime I go to a site like this it feels like I'm about to get a virtual STD.

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You can already find all of these songs on YouTube I think, probably in higher quality, too. Koma Chan has a good number of them at least. Or I guess you could also look through this Reddit thread and see what works. Mind the playlist manbaby, though.

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