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Any good Hexen wads around?

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I forgot if I already asked (pretty sure I just typed up the thread and then closed it down without posting), but I've been on a huge Hexen roll lately. I've played the original game and a few usermaps from /idgames but I feel the desire to play some more maps.

So, what are the best, or at least somewhat decent, Hexen maps you've played or heard about? Any difficulty level of gameplay is fine, I'm mainly looking for some nice visuals and maybe some fun puzzles to solve.

Thanks in advance! I'm looking forward to some confusing fetchquest action. (No sarcasm though, I really am.)

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Yeah, I don't think I ever finished any of them, but I remember Centromere, Chuxen, and Vaults of the top of my head.

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I would recommend Necrosis, its really well made - great atmosphere.

I also made a 15 map wad for hexen you might enjoy:


EDIT: Dont forget DeathKings of Dark Citadel if you haven't already played it - harder than the original in terms of puzzles and "where the hell am I supposed to go" moments. A good challenge!

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