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The Demon

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I love the screenshots so far, your map looks like it has excellent texture placement and a good, consistent moody atmosphere.

EDIT: Just played through half of it, excellent work! I really like this map, the gameplay is straight-forward but challenging, the layout is nice and the visual design of the map is beautifully moody, I like the way you've combined hell textures with the wood and metal ones as well as the moody Doom2 Sky1, it works surprisingly well together.

Also that room with the imps behind the fence in front of that firered texture is awesome.

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Here's my playthrough:

Link to .lmp in description.

Shotgun shells are a little sparse which lead to some tedious fights (Hellknights vs. pistol). I played cautiously since health is also hard to find. But the fights are not that demanding so I think this map is perfectly playable. Great as a first map in the series.

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Great, i'm glad both of you enjoyed it.
Thanks for including a video it's nice to see how someone else plays my map.

I was afraid that the yellow key fight would be a bit tedious. But since you get the ssg before the fight and it's wide open space I was thinking it should have a lot of Hell Knights.
Maybe I should have had a few less hell knights and thrown in more Bull Demons to take up space.
I wanted UV to be more of a challenge but I never thought the player would be running dry on ammo.
I will try to improve on all these things in the next map.

The health management was something i wanted in the map. Nothing brutal but i didn't want the player to just brush off every encounter.

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