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happy happy bithday me...

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now now, sorry guys I ate all the cake. anyway, so this thread wouldn't sound so dumb, I 'd like to ask about what could be cool first person shooter's to be checked out. I've been playing RTCW, max payne, red faction, now I'm playing SoF2 thru. It's improtant to spend time and relax while waiting for the next big thing. About two years, or maybe more. *sighs* It's going to be a helluva long time.
*sits back and falls in a peaceful godmode...*

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Happy Birthday.

Grand Theft Auto 3, while not entirely an FPS is a great game. Also oder games like Theif or the Hexen games, if you haven't already. Aliens versus Predator is a good game as well.

Also, I don't think the release of Doom 3 is as far off as you think it is. It will probably be out some time next year.

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