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Fading in and out title screens & Startup title

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{Q1} I just played "The Adventures of Square" lol. It has the title sequence I want, where theres 3 or 4 images that fade in then out like most games do showing you who it's made by etc. They didn't make it easy to learn from. Whats the simplest way of achieving this?

Pretty sure there's no titlemap.

{Q2} Why can I not get my startup title and colors to take effect?

Gameinfo lump:


I've never seen this work for myself. put it in the pk3 or the wad, no change.

doom.wad is loaded first and it read ultimate doom for the startup title with the stock grey bar, doesn't seem to change. I tried loading my wad first but nope. maybe an ini setting? See the adventures of square with their custom startup title is the last straw, I need to learn this lol.

Thanks for your time.

Regarding Q1: Turns out it there is a titlemap stashed away in there.

Still hoping for an answer to number 2.

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I read in your other thread that you're using Zandronum, and Zandronum (especially 2.1.2) might not support this feature yet.

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