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GZDoom Wolfendoom Amateur Speedmap Collection

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Hey everyone, here is a compilation of speedmaps I've made over the past couple years or so. They tend to be shorter level designs
and the entire mapset could easily be completed over the course of a lunch break. Originally I intended to create 32 maps but
inevitably lost my drive and only completed a third of them.
This mapset contains a lot of sloped and or 3d environments and is strictly designed
for use with GZDoom.
Some of these maps were submitted to Community Projects on Doomworld Forums, others were birthday maps
and some were just random creations. Anyways, enjoy.

The Nazi war machine has invaded an Allied Settlement.
You have been recruited by allied forces and sent into hostile territory to defeat all hostiles, reclaim the settlement and assassinate the infamous Nazi War Chief, Submarine Willy.

For Optimal Performance
- Designed for GZDoom.
- Crouch, Jump, Mouselook are all recommended.
- For best results play using Legacy Lighting.


JMickle's Aquatex Texture Pack / Monolith for Blood Textures and Music / Return to Castle Wolfenstein textures
Apogee for ROTT 95 textures / Spear of Destiny Return to Danger for textures / Half Life Soundtrack
id Software for Wolfenstein Model Sprites / Barrel Explosions from 'Suicide Bomber Vest' by Cliff AKA Lizardcommando
Wolfenstein RPG for the title and intermission screen / WildWeasel for Hud Bar coding and roller fonts
BaronofHell replacements based on DECORATE and spritework by Captain Toenail
using 'Daleks.wad' / LkMax for High Rez weapons / Apologies to anyone I may have missed.

Thanks for playing.

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I havnt beaten all of the maps yet, but I really enjoyed the ones I have played. Nice job.

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Thanks man. I've been puttering around with these maps for quite a while. Maybe eventually I'll get around to completing a full map set but this is it for now. Glad you enjoyed it.

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The first alternate map (secret) route of the set.

This is the second alternate map (secret) route.

Eventually I'd like to create an identical number of secret maps as there are regular maps, thus allowing the player to traverse through the maps a different way each game. So far there are 2 completed... :P

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