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Agent Denison

General MIDI level 2

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I am hoping to make a few of my own tracks for my wad and I was wondering if there are any source ports that will play any tracks in General MIDI level 2 format? Is chocolate DOOM able to do so? I looked at the wiki page for GM2 and I saw some things that might make it incompatible with the original DOOM engine.

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I'd say no, probably not for Chocolate Doom, which emulates the limitations of the original DMX library in this case. MIDI music was converted to MUS format first, and among the limitations of the MUS format, you have a total lack of sysex, no bank select, less channels than even GM level 1, etc.

For other ports, it depends on the synths used. Some ports like ZDoom allow you a large choice of MIDI synth, so it's possible it'll work with some and not with others.

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