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Suicidal Imp

glbsp and Legacy

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I'm tryna get the rendering errors fixed on the PSP version of Legacy, which apparently inherits those errors from the PC version of Legacy.

According to Google, running the IWADs and PWADs through glpsp before playing should stop the rendering errors, so I've been doing that with the "GL nodes only" option.

But the rendering errors are still there...

Am I doing something wrong? Are there nodes in the WAD that need to be deleted in XWE or something before Legacy can read the new GL nodes?

Any help greatly appreciated; the flickering floors and transparent walls suck ass.

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GL nodes are not GLpsp nodes which sounds unique, anway you would have to remove old nodes manually and then rebuild each for every single map (ow my) but still u need the GLpsp node builder which sounds unique made for psp if it exists.

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