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Miles Lowroad

[WIP] VGP Invasion Volume 1

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Valhalla Game Plays as a development entity have discussed the implications of generating content for the greater Zandronum community specifically. This is technically our first group project. The concept is a series of invasion based map sets, each set made in layers; first starting with the map layout and scripting, then music and minor revisions, then full revision with more OpenGL aesthetics. We have concept maps finished for 5 maps (VGPINV01-VGPINV05) of the proposed 10 map pack.


download link:


Please keep in mind that this is early alpha and contains none of Mr. Enchanter's revisions yet. These maps are bare bones. ALSO, if you would like to add anything to this map such as monsters, textures, weapons, or even maps, let us know! we are currently using a hodgepodge of resources, most of which are from Realm667. This project would be way cooler if we could get the communities original content added. Regardless, check it out and let me know what you think!


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