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Starting new Doom music project

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Hello guys,

for a while now I've been interested in music production, particularly in electronic music. A long time age (Maybe 3 years ago) I thought about trying to make Doom music for wads, however I didn't really know what was required of me to make music back then. 3 years later I am now making music almost on the daily and now I wanted to go back and create music for Doom. I use to love the music for the game and thought it would be so much fun to eventually make my own.

So if anyone would be interested in using this music in their own wads would be pretty sweet :) I plan to make a compilation of about 6 - 10 songs before releasing it here and on SoundCloud (As well as .mid DLs). I will be uploading them to this SoundCloud URL:


Here is a playlist of a few songs I made a while ago for the style I'm going for: https://soundcloud.com/4relic/sets/doomworld-post

Also if anyone else is interested in hearing what else I make here are my other links:

Main Project: https://soundcloud.com/facing-worlds
Other side project: https://soundcloud.com/Artificial-Mind1

Edit: grammar and punctuation

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