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"Brutal Friends" Companion Mod

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Download: mediafire.com/download/ic4v2ymza3y256z/bfriend1.zip

The Brutal Friends is a standalone version of the Brutal Marines script made to run without needing Brutal Doom, and also modified to include different new companions.

They are able to follow you almost everywhere, they can teleport next to you if you go too far or go through an obstacle that they can't cross.
They won't block your movement (unless if they are in combat) and will never cause friendly fire.
If you press use on them, you can order them to stand still.

You can either summon these companions with the console, or find a Teleport Beacon that replaces the Invisibility Spheres that can be used to spawn these companions. (make sure you have binded keys for selecting and using inventory items on your configs)

You can run it with any gameplay mods you want as long as this file is placed over everything else.
Running this with Brutal Doom will give the bots the ability to recognize big threats such as Cyberdemons, Masterminds, and Barons of Hell, and never get close to them.
The error messages that shows up on loading up are just some compatibility stuff with Brutal Doom and mean no harm.

The summon commands are the following:


Summon FriendMarine1 - Summons a regular Doom Marine.
Summon FriendMarine2 - Summons an unturned Zombieman.
Summon FriendMarine3 - Summons a female Doom Marine.
Summon FriendMarine4 - Summons an unturned Shotgunguy.
Summon FriendMarine5 - Summons an unturned Chaingunguy.
Summon Sentrybot - Summons a Sentry Bot like the one in Doom 3 with dual plasma guns.
Summon FriendDog - Summons a German Shepherd (similar to the MBF Dog)

Easter Eggs: (these can't be regularly summoned by the teleport beacons and can only be summoned with console commands)
Summon FriendDaisy - Summons Daisy (The Rabbit that is shown dead on a stake at the end of Doom 1)
Summon FriendHissy - Summons a baby cacodemon.

Notes If you are going to include it on your project:

- Companions have no TID assigned. You need to assign your own.
- Due their teleport script, if you place them anywhere in the map, they will try to teleport next to the player right after they wake up. So make sure you give them the ambush flag, and don't let them have a fov to any enemy. (If you want to make them to be fighting against enemies when you encounter them, you need to use the instant raising pit trick to hide either the companions or the enemies so they will only see each other when the player is present in the room.)

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I especially like the dog followers.

Oh shit, just noticed you added the recently released Baby caco. That's cool. Great work sergeant.

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Is there any way to disable the friendly fire? It was fine at first but now it's been getting annoying since whenever I use a hitscan weapon, they bump in front of me and eat the bullets.

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