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Death Egg

New console commands?

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ZDoom has a console command, "freeze", that freezes all monsters and projectiles. I find out very useful for testing and taking screenshots.

ZDoom also has the ability to specify what it is you want to kill when you type in the command "kill". I use "kill monsters" on a regular basis when testing too.

Is there any way either or both of these will make it into Eternity?

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Dunno about "freeze" having an equivalent yet, but ZDoom's "kill monsters" has the equivalent "killem" cheat code. Type killem without pulling the console and see what happens.

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Because it already exists. Twice, even.
Now if your question was why the Kill command itself doesn't exist, the simple answer to that is nobody has needed it yet. Note that "kill monsters" isn't a command, it's a command AND an arg. Kill with no args is a suicide, and kill with any classname kills all objects of that class, so the implementation is slightly more technical. "Monsters" is just an alias for nuke or killem, effectively.

Bonus question: What are you supposed to do when you have a classname called "monsters"?

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