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Good WADs to adapt to newschool gameplay?

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I've been slowly adapting to the rougher-and-tougher gameplay of more modern wads slowly, but am just curious on some good WADs to help me get better at it. But yeah, I get it, practice makes perfect. Just wondering so I can discover some potentially great wads and get better at one of my favorite games (and pasttimes).

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Brutal Doom/Project Brutality (I'm serious)

They will help you get rougher and tougher for modern WADs.

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Salt-Man Z said:

I've always thought Vanguard has a good difficulty curve that does this pretty well.

I've heard good things about that WAD, I'll check it out.

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And Ancient Aliens, if we're talking about megawads.

While you're at it, try some BTSX, or even Bloodstain.

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