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Looking for ambient score Doom II addons

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When playing mapsets that feature dark, atmospheric and complex levels such as Back to Saturn X, I like to use music addons featuring Aubrey Hodges' Doom 64 and Playstation soundtracks, as I find them to fit the levels better. However, since they are the only ones I know of, I am getting a bit sick of them.

Does anyone know of other Doom II soundtrack addons that feature a similar type of ambient score? Is there such thing as EpiQuake for Doom II? Any Quake 64/Quake II 64 addons out there?

Thanks in advance!

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There's plenty of them.

Doom Ambience Pack:This is a mix between Doom 3's and Quake's ambience. It's the first thing I think of besides the Hodges score. Plus it comes with some nice Quake styled text screens!

Hell's Ambiance:I believe this one has music from Jaxxoon R and Kevin Macleod.

Creepy Ambient Industrial Sound:Just what it says on the tin. You'll hear random clanking and "industrial" noises, along with groaning, screaming, and more!

There is a bunch more of these packs on Brutal Doom's ModDB, but I haven't/don't want to try them out.

EDIT: *smack* How could I forget Sepulcher Black? It's a bit weird, since you'll be dipping from clear melodies to actual ambience a lot, but it's still a good pack.

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