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XWE meanness

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I've been inserting files into a WAD using XWE and for some reason it likes to mangle them, but only some. Flats are exported in 16 million colors (!?) and imported with a slightly larger than normal size (not 4096kb, a bit more, which makes them useless). Also, when I inserted a sound I found doom2 didn't play it, and boom played it rather lamely. It seems that XWE decided that a frequency of 17,500 Hz (weird) was better than the standard for DOOM (11,025)... Has anyone had these problems? I know XWE has CFGs: are these things set somewhere? It seems like the CFGs have to do more with file and game specs than with file formats though...

I know the problem is in XWE (but maybe it has to do with the Windows (98 in this case) environment?), since DEUtex inserted/exported them correctly (running from a command prompt in the same OS/machine).

I would report this directly to the XWE developer, but would like to see if anyone has had the problem (and maybe a solution). Plus the XWE guy isn't working on the editor presently.

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When you import any bitmap, it's saved as a Doom Patch. To save it as a flat "format" (straigh 64x64), click image "Save as Doom Flat".

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I see that now, thanks (till now I had been working only with the "entry" menu). And checking, I also see a similar thing for the WAV files (save as DOOM sound) in its own menu, that i assume should fix the sound file problem too.

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