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Changing Skyboxes [?]

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So I'm using Doom Builder II (For zDoom, Doom in Doom format) to make a map. And making a ceiling's texure F_SKY1 works. However when I try SKY1, SKY2, or SKY3, it just shows up as a normal texture. How do I use something like SKY1 instead of F_SKY1? I'm assuming I might need to use something like SLADE to change the data in the .WAD. But I've looked around in the opened file and can't see anything. Help?

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Pure Hellspawn said:

you can use scripting for this.
look here: http://zdoom.org/wiki/ChangeSky.you can find the name of textures in SLADE or XWE.

EDIT: A sky is a FLAT. You may want to look here: http://zdoom.org/wiki/Flat

The sky is a special case. When making the map, you put f_sky1 on the ceiling, but the actual sky is a texture (not a flat) that the engine displays where f_sky1 appears using a special algorithm used only for skies.

If you are mapping for a port that supports it, MAPINFO can be used to specify what texture you want to use as the sky.

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