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E1M2: Nuclear Plant Remake - DARK EDITION

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I Did a re-remake of my best snapmap today! There is now (can find and kill) more powerful demons, more secrets and more fun! And you have only one live! When you die: Game Over!

E1M2 Nuclear Plant Remake D-E - Map ID: LKW2MLRL

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Awesome! I'm on the road but will try it as soon as I'm near my laptop... not to touted my own horn, but I also did E1M2 recentky, too... and will thus play this first thing. Review in two hours, but expect an upvote. :)

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Alrighty, not a bad attempt at all! I was expecting more extensive architectural changes and improvements, but for what it was it was pretty good.

There were a few minor nitpicks, however... when returning through the teleporter from the secret 'outside' area you'd fight a Revenant... thing was, go thru the teleporter again and more Hell Razors would respawn, and the revenant would as well come back when returning from the teleporter. A counter would have been a good, uh, counter to this lol.

By the end of the mission, ammo was tight. I'd rather have respawning ammunition than a respawning Quad Damage and no ammo.

I feel that you've missed opportunities to improve upon the architecture as well, but all in all, a solid map! Compare it to my remake: HKX5B7RY - see what we did different, and what we did similar. :P

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