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Rework in FreeDM maps

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Are they still better than the current maps? If you believe yes, then they should be pushed into FreeDM. When we'll replace them, they will be put into the attic, so at least they will be saved for history. 

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8 hours ago, axdoomer said:

Are they still better than the current maps? If you believe yes.

nope the're just dummy sectors (one of them is just a L shape whit few cages around it), actualy that dm11 was one of my wads of i see be usefull.

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On 23.05.2017 at 3:36 PM, Xindage said:

Idk if my reworking can save all of them, for example in my opnion only 35% of freedm maps is saveable

I think that you should divide maps in 3 categories:

1) Saveable

2) Maybe saveable

3) Probably will be wasted time

Then you should work on first on saveable maps, while collecting opinions on second two categories, as maybe someone actually has ideas how to salvage these maps, what to replace those maps with, etc.

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Sometimes, a fresh start is all a man needs. It can help you clear your mind. 


There's is no time limit, so if you want to work on a map for months, then do so. If you share your first version of the map, people will point out bugs and tips for you, and basically make things easier (and reducing the time taken to finish it too). Just make sure it's good enough in the end.


Wish I could help you out, but alas I'm powerless without a PC.

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I think we should work with DM players. They can figure out what is salvageable or help remake them. Maybe submit some new ones. 

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I agree whit it, anyway another post for wjot mpre updates.





dm06 - Major placement layout, and minor layout update (Under Decay's feeedback).

dm27 - Major rework.

> Theme changed to bricks & e metal

> Improved flor by removing unessessary sectors.

> No more possible to linedef ouverflow.

> Removed teleport and tiggers.

> Removed all uncessessary effects.

> Reworked items placement.







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Well guys i can return to work on this expect new updates on this from now on again.

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That's good, cos as I played through recently I was reminded of a real peeve: about half the maps start in a room with four walls and four doors, one of each color. It's shamefully redundant: there should really only be one map that does it, yet there are so many! I think basically any map that has that kind of opening room should be tweaked to have it removed. It'll be a bitch, I know, but it'd be better to have no maps that start that way than having every other map start that way, which is ridiculous.

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