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Doom builder 2 with multiples wads config ?

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Hello Guys,

I work with doom builder 2 and zdoom and evrytime I want to edit maps I have to select my wad with maps inside, maps.wad and I have to add ressources each time like doom2.wad and all wads that have customs stuffs.

There is a way to setup it somewhere in a kind of profile and next time I just have to open maps.wad ?

Thanks :)

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In "Tools -> Game Configurations", you can setup which resources should be automatically added when you're going to edit maps under a particular game configuration. Also, Doom Builder 2 creates a .dbs config file for each map you create, and this file stores the game configurations and the resources that you've been editing it with, so that you wouldn't have to enter them again after closing the map and opening it later.

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