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What do you think about Human NPCs in SnapMap?

Marines and security guards would be customizable and could carry different weapons. Scientists, workers, and engineers would be non-combatants that serve as obstacles.

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ID could have programmed Human AI, but it seems the old heads just can't handle change.

Anyway, Marines have chartreuse armor, while security guards have silver armor. Their properties have menus for weapons and equipment(grenades and deployables). You could also change their fire rates, attack styles, and accuracy.

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There could also be NeoPhalanx operatives, sporting silver armor(or a similar color, depending on what they look like, lore-wise).

DMGUYDZ64 said:

It would be pretty cool IMO, So we don't have to use Zombie allies .

Speaking of which, has anyone else noticed that the Possessed Soldier and Possessed Security use the same character model?

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