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MIDI and ensuring loop

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What is done to ensure MIDI songs loop indefinitely when the song ends? I noticed 1 track an older upload that went to the next song in the WAD file instead of looping.

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MIDI Files themselves can hold more than one track. So it depends on the Midi file itself.

See >> http://zdoom.org/wiki/MIDI for more information.

All "Music" loops by default, assuming you're calling it with a "Music" command and not a "Sound" command.

I've worked with Midi's in the past, it's not worth the trouble in my opinion. Mp3s are the way to go.

Good luck either way.


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The problem is that the music content I am working with is in MIDI format and there's no way in hell I'd use the actual MP3s of the songs because they're from CDs.

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Bloodshedder said:

Do you have an example of this multitrack MIDI?


I know one of the two AiC songs listed here has looping issues. I am using Anvil Studio to check the files but unsure where to look, maybe the events section of the file.

I am compiling a gigantic MIDI WAD set as a means of resource for mappers for those who are wondering why I am asking the question on looping.

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