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dobu gabu maru

The DWmegawad Club plays: Alien Vendetta

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map27 - fda here

full disclosure! i have seen j4rio's UV-max and stx-viles UV-speed of this before so i had some ideas coming into this map about how to play it, but i reckoned without it being so HARD! the cyber in the little room is just horrific, and the mancubi/HK courtyard - eugh. i am not courageous enough to attempt this properly, so i used the switch trick that i saw in the UV-speed demo to get the hell out!

the actual map itself is ok, but very linear, and some the the encounters i would argue only have 1 way to fight them, and doing them over and over (if you refuse to use saves...) is quite tedious. the texturing and architecture is also quite dull/safe, at least when you compare this to the more unusual 26.

here i come av28!

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finally finished this off.
i didnt complete av32 as i consider it pretty much trash and i cant bring myself to grind through the AV and cyber teleport RNG over and over

av28 fda
av29 fda
av30 fda

28 is one of those ToD 'reliability maps': the actual set ups are not that hard, but chaining them together with low armour got me so many times. got to git gud.
29 is much easier comparatively - very fun map.
30 is just awful. plus im bad at IoS fights so the added time pressure is torture for me. Point Dreadful indeed.

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