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Looking for a project to map for.

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Doom bros, I havent done any mapping for doom since i was a kid but Ive mapped for a numerous other games(mostly source engine). Aside from looking amazing the new games of today are incredibly stale to me so ive been spending alot of time with doom and the many community wads out there. So much has been given and i want to give back and maybe make a name for myself within the community. Im looking for a megawad project that is still in need of map submissions. Ive done some digging around and cant find anything so i figured i would make a thread in hopes some of you could point me in the right direction. I would prefer a project that has its own texture resource to use but really im looking for anything. Thanks in advance!

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Currently you are better off building a modest map or two, primarily to adjust to Doom mapping, and posting it for feedback. When you release it, post screenshots and mention which port it was designed for (and which port it was tested in, if the ports are different).

Be on the lookout for the next iteration of The Joy of Mapping, however. Good luck.

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I do believe you are correct. Do my own thing for a bit until I get a nice work flow and comfort zone before i jump into a project. And thanks for the link ill check it out.

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