So I've been working on a new project for a few months now, and now that it's almost 2/3rds done, I suppose I should announce it (unlike what I did with Extreme Terror, which, uhh, well.... whoops :-P ). Anyway, it's called "Shadows of The Nightmare Realm" (SoTNR) and will be for GZDoom.

The premise is Lovecraft-inspired, but not part of any of Lovecraft's universes. The story involves Elder Gods, who are determined to succeed where Hell and the demons have failed. But, they know that the Doomguy is quite tough, and instead devise a plan to attack him in the only place he is still vulnerable: his dreams. Each level, then, will be a separate dream that the Doomguy has, and if he dies in the dream, he dies in real life. So basically, the Elder Gods are playing Freddy Kruger with the Doomguy.

Fonze has posted an excellent sneak peek of SoTNR over at This Week in Doom. That has more information there, as well as some additional screenshots.

As far as maps are concerned, SoTNR will have three levels plus a Quake-style start level when it's finished. The designs will vary, but will all be somewhat gothic in some way or another. The maps will also have my love of funky colored lighting, which is a hold-over from my last map. The gameplay will be pretty straightforward Doom-style exploration and combat, which is what I prefer and love (it's also just about all I know how to do - this will only be my fourth release ever).

SoTNR also has some new monsters (well, "new", in that they come from Realm667's repository but aren't in normal Doom), different textures, and new music (written by me) for all the levels. Music wise, it'll be some dark ambient-ish stuff I've been writing, sorta like Lustmord if you know who that is. There's a preview of it here. That's actually a remix of E1M5, but the rest of the tracks are all new.

Anyway, the textures and resources are all 99% done, with only minor tweaks needed to finish them, while the music is 50% done. Level-wise, the first level, 90% of the second level, and the start level have all been completed. So basically, the whole thing is about 66% done. Given that I work sorta slow, my guess is that this will be completed by October or November.

So yeah. Here are some newer XBAWKS HUEG screens in addition to what I've posted in the "What are you working on?" thread and what Fonze posted over at This Week in Doom: I'd have more screens, but I suffered a minor setback last week where I lost two days worth of work :-/ Oh well, thank the gods for backups!   Update post April 22nd, 2017:  
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