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Zdoom how to change amount of shotgun damage ?

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Hello Guys,

I would like to change the amount of damager per bullet of pistol, shotgun, etc.

I search in decorate but I just found the actor of the weapons, I didnt found where it is specified the amount of damage per bullet ?

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Stock Doom weapons use specialized functions (A_FirePistol, A_FireShotgun...) with unchangable hardcoded behavior (including amount of damage, angle spread, number of bullets per shot, amount of ammo units consumed per shot...). If you want to customize their behavior, replace those specialized functions with their generic counterparts (in case of hitscan weapons, A_FireBullets) with parameters of your choice.

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^ For example, here's A_Fireshotgun's specifics, which you can find via the article on the shotgun. It uses predetermined A_FireBullets parameters that set the damage to 5, which I think is the standard damage amount for Doom bullets. Make a new shotgun actor to inherit from and replace the default shotgun, and replace the A_FireShotgun entry in the Fire state with a custom A_FireBullets.

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