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TAS Challenge 4

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This is a Doom 2 map, map number is 01. Complevel 2 only. Includes a DeHackEd patch (included in the wad as DEHACKED lump too)

You need to make UV Speed, NM Speed or UV Max. Tyson is not possible, you have 1 bullet and fist kills you.

For UV Max you need to kill 4 revenants in 11 shotgun shots (infighting counts), then make double arch-vile jump (55 * 2 + 24 height) + guideless glide (yes, in midair), then make 210 unit wide strafejump (with damage boost), then kill 2 cyberdemons with 50 rockets, then make a diagonal glide + death slide under another bars.

What's your reward? 3 points for the first successful attempt, 2 for beating it. If you made FSA, then beat it, you won't get 2 points. If someone posts an even faster attempt, they get to steal the original player's 2 points.


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Has anyone tried to complete this challenge or are you guys giving up?

This would be an easy run to do, if the Doom TAS tools were high-tech like the Bizhawk TAS emulator.

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Oh, by the way, have you Doom TASers ever TASed other games? Bizhawk can emulate about 21 different consoles, so you can TAS thousands of games with it. The latest Bizhawk version even has a built-in bot that can automatically search the optimal input for short segments. TASing old 2D games is very relaxing compared to Doom, so you might enjoy it. There are also the Sega 32X and SNES ports of Doom, both of which should be TASable with Bizhawk.

Just assign your frame-advance hotkey and quicksave/quickload hotkeys and you are pretty much ready to TAS any game. For better results, learn to use RAM watch to monitor enemy health, player position, etc. For pro results, create some ingenious Lua scripts that augment your TASing effectiveness to a whole new level. Bizhawk is such a powerful tool that it can transform you into a TASing cyborg.

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Aqfaq said:

There are also the Sega 32X and SNES ports of Doom, both of which should be TASable with Bizhawk.

Don't forget gba doom :D And ya, bizhawk is awesome.

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