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Angry Saint


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Lighthouse is the result of a 10-hour speedmapping session... which was actually split in 5 days so I don't know if it counts really as speedmapping. Probably yes because usually it takes me years to finish a map.

It is a remake of an Heretic map I made a lot of time ago for another project, but it was never released because (1) the project is at an alt and (2) the map was not considered because crappy.

I decided to make a remake so I already had clear idea of what to do and speed up the process.

I made it for Zdoom because I wanted to use 3d floors for improving visuals.


I imposed myself a deadline of seven days, so now I have a spare day for improving the map following your welcome comments.

Here some screenshots:

Textures are from Gothicx pack and some sprites are from Zrrion the Insect.

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Turned a Heretic wad into a Doom wad? The insanity!

Looks cool tho, I'll add it to the ole list

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Pretty cool map, I liked the setting and the mood. I could pass through a fence on the terrace of the lighthouse. Having to kill all the monsters seems a bit forced to me, but I guess it's difficult to have some alternatives with that setup. I think that the monsters could spawn from more different places so they will come from different directions at least.

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Thank you for the suggestion. You're right about kiling all the monsters, but for the layout of the map it is difficult not to make the player running from one point to another avoiding monsters. Another idea I had was to make this a boss map, with the romero head at the top of the lighthouse spawning monsters in all the map.

@NinjaLiquidator: the sky is an hires skyboxed verion of a TNT sky.

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