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New map: Intestinal Clog of The Satan

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I just finished my new map, first one in the looong time.

I started it with Vanilla-compatibility in mind, but it turned out to be soooooo easy to add details in GZDoomBuilder that I quickly run out of visplanes :) Totally different editing experience than WadAuthor several years ago... Also, the ACS scripting adds infinite possibilities, so I didn't hesitate to use some tricks. And these 3D floors, and polyobjects...

Map is for SINGLE PLAYER and 4-player-coop only and there are NO SKILL SETTINGS implemented. I found it a bit challenging, yet beatable from pistol start. Please SAVE OFTEN if you dare to play. It took me 4 attempts to complete, despite knowing all secrets, traps and tricks :)

Tested with zDoom only!

Here's the map:

Time for some screenshots:

Below is a link to the 100% .lmp file for zDoom and the overall view:

There is also a YT video being uploaded, but it'll take few more hours.

- Usage of BRICK11
- Taken advantage of my arch-builder plugin
- Vertex 5510 needs to be misplaced to prevent strange rendering errors in the permieter
- Taken care of the automap - it should present all the linedef correctly (secrets, etc.)
- I used slow lifts :)
- No jumps or rocket-jumps allowed

Now I will try to make one or more vanilla maps. All these modern source-port features are so nice, but nostalgia always wins :) I like to play and edit DooM the old way. What I would miss the most is:
- Ability to set light level separately for ceil/floor
- Flat alignment and rotation
- Use "normal" textures as flats


Any comments are greatly appreciated!

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Is there a reason there is no BGM? Its kinda weird not playing with some sort of music playing.

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Benjogami linked me your post. I did play your map a while ago. Twitch removes saved past streams eventually if they are not made into highlights.

Here is a playthrough I made today if you are interested. I have been testing a bunch of stuff lately and wanted to give you another playthrough.

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Thanks for the video. I myself had problems finishing this map, but you ran through it commando-style :)

Hope you enjoyed the traps :)

Anyway, the reaction to the monster-fountain in the first video was splendid.

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