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Disjunction, small mapset project - RELEASED [17.2.2017], on /idgames

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During this summer I got suckered into working on Dump 3, which led into me getting really into mapping.
It so happened that during this free time I had, I produced a number of maps, which I intent now to smash into a small 11 map set.
All maps in the set! 11 maps ahoy!






Of course, since it is work in progress, I want to hear critique on it.
What is your favourite map so far, and what is least? How could that worst map be improved, or should I drop it like an ugly baby and work a replacement?

As for the name, the theming is bit here and there, so it might be this disjointedness where it gets its name.
Maps 2, 5 and 7 were in Dump 3, so you might be familiar with them already.

Edit: Map06 and Map09 finished, new beta.
Edit2: Map10 finished, new beta. Funky name textures.
Edit3: Map07 made on whim and added. Some other fixes.
Edit4: RC2. Added skies from Mek's pack, made ammo in map04 bit more plentiful.
Edit5: Release. About time...


Edited by floatRand

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floatRand said:

The maps should be Boom-compatible.

map01 is already broken in prBoom+ -cl 9. The door in the room with the revenant at the desk won't work because the W1 action right before it blocks it. That linedef needs a PassThru flag. You have to test everything in prBoom+ -- gameplay too, not just going though with -nomonsters in order to make sure the maps can be completed -- to be sure of its compatibility there.

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I finished to play all the maps a while ago, though I run the wad with GZDoom so maybe there's some broken stuff that I missed. I played with pistol starts on UV.

Map01: it was a bit empty sometimes, especially the interiors but if you add just few details here and there it should look fine.

Map02: I think it's allright, I have nothing particular to say.

Map03: from here the quality definitely improves, mostly visually but also the combats start to have more interesting things. Only thing is that maybe the switch near the plasma gun should be more noticeable.

Map04: this one had the most problems compared to the other maps. Ammo is really too low, when I finally get to pick the blue key I was running out of ammo and I just flee from the monsters. After the door you open with the blue key the line that closes the door behind you is flipped in the wrong direction, I get stuck into the room after I pressed the switch and I went back up the stairs. Also you'd better to put the line that raises the pits with the revenants and the one that closes the doors more distant from each other, you can use the lines of the steps for example. The final setup was really difficult because I had very little ammo from the previous areas, anyway I feel that the teleporting monsters can be tone down a bit.

Map05: the final set-up was quite easy because you can wake the monsters behind the bars at the sides so they will all infight there.

Map06: it's my favourite from the set, imo it's pretty much fine as it is.

Map07: maybe the start is too harsh as you have to face 2 revenants and an archvile without weapons. Apart that everything was allright.

Many effect were really cool, like the exits and the mechanism to get the yellow key on MAP07.

I really liked the wad overall, and I see a lot of inspiration from Sunder and Sunlust. The soundtrack choosen was spot on for the levels. Many effects were very cool, like the exits and the mechanism to go to the yellow key on MAP07.

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Thanks for the feedback.
I had an inkling that map04 might be worst of the bunch.

As for observation of map03 being jump in quality, it is last map I finished.
05 -> 02 -> 07 -> 04 -> 01 -> 06 -> 03

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I just had a quick run through with idfa and iddqd since I got stuck on map01. Played with latest glboom+

Issues I stumbled upon. Could be way more though, so look thouroughly:

map01: Door that leads out from base to the mountains has a w1 trigger just 16 pixels infront of the door, causing both triggers to not function. Door wont open and w1 line won't be crossed. I also got stuck behind the crate with an ammo box on top of it.

map02: The lift at the the end of the curved corridor doesn't work because there's no tag on the linedef with the sr lift lower/raise function.

map03: The first lift won't work because... I don't know really. Maybe the round platform with tag number 2 needs some dummy sectors as reference as where to go.

Liking what I see here so far. It needs a lot of polishing and testing to work with multiple ports though, but it comes with time. Not a very big fan of the library theme and the wild color scheme in it. Something just rubbed me the wrong way about it. Map06 felt very dull and brown with not much happening thematically. That labyrinth with some spectres and a chaingun felt very 1994. Map07 started out good with the first vistas, but the deeper I went into the map the more cluttered it felt with all that warning tape textures and it's overall darkness and not much going on with lighting details.

Map04 was cool as hell. Love the wacky curves and the small wfall textures everywhere. Final fight was badass and the setup was pretty ominous!


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Thanks for the feedback Danne, and especially big thanks for pointing out some of those flaws with Boom-compat of set.

These are my first maps that I have put out, so hopefully as I go along I learn better workflow, restraint, proper gameplay and more effective visual tricks.
Currently taking break from doing one particularly exhausting map.

Glad you like map04. I had my doubts about it.

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This is a really promising set. Some comments from playing zdoom, uv, continuous, mouselook:

1-The super deep chasm adds a lot and makes for some interesting catwalks. One might suggest adding a highlight color, but I'm not sure. Some different dark shades might be more interesting. The red key area feels really empty, along with some of the smaller ones.

2-This is a cool map with nice contrast between the outside and inside areas. I feel like the three structural posts on the west side of the map (those that connect to the main structure) should have a powerup on them accessible by the stairs (maybe this is present in < UV). And I'm not sold on the big H, it seems too representational. I can't imagine a helicopter flying and landing on that base.

3-The set puts on its big boy pants here. There's a lot of great visual stuff, too much to remember, but somehow it still occasionally happens (and this comes up again) that my bearings get shaky, and I have to rely on the automap to navigate. The angled passageways are a bit too homogeneous, or at least samey enough that the sense of place is diluted.

4-I didn't have that problem here but ran out of ammo bad in the northeastern caverns. The final room is great even though I did very little fighting in it.

5-I played this level when it was in DUMP, a pistol start that ran aground in the yellow key room, where I ran out of ammo. This time on continuous, the gameplay was some of the most fun in the wad. The shifting layers of bookcases are nice.

6-Here I again had a small problem with bland hallways that look like other bland hallways - most of the level is memorable, but in some of the peripheral areas, not as much. The big final sequence/area is well parceled out. The middle meat of the level is more head-on, REVENANTS WHOLE BUNCHA REVENANTS. Which is valid. Oh I'm not sure about the maze, at least not with spectres/pinkies.

7-You could add more health to this, for us overconfident players who pick UV and later regret it. Overall, very cool, but the really super cool blue key room skips by in like a footstep. I had to go back to even get a glimpse at what was in there. I can imagine pistol starting would be a bear.

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Apologies for not updating, I got severely sidetracked by other projects, but I have resumed work on the mapset.

While I have yet to fix the Boom-bugs, new maps are in progress.
I am still set on the same amount of maps as I had from the go, although I might be dropping a map I have actually worked lot on ( a castle ).
But something of what I have been getting onto now:

Still would love to get some feedback on the maps that are ready, for development of new maps and fixing old ones.

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Sorry for multi-post.

I managed to finish maps 06 and 09, so I am deciding to push out another test-version. The final mapset will have only 10 maps, cut down from original 10. Sorry.


Also, I hopefully fixed lot of the Boom-issues, so it should be playable now on Boom complevel-9.

Some bulletpoints of changes:
* Maps 06 and 09 added. 09 is designed to be particularly vile.
* Boom fixes
* Map02 made easier
* Titlepic / etc.

Edit: Itty bitty fix to map09
Edit2 ( 16.1 ): Another fix to map09. The southern fight kinda readjusted. Bit more items lying around too.
Edit2b: Yet another fix. Hopefully it is now bit more interesting.

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MAP01 Feedback running with Eternity Engine and checking oddities with SLADE:

If I don't open the chaingun crate near the entrance, then I sometimes end up humping small pieces of invisible wall that don't exist when I try to approach the doorway; opening the crate resolves this in gameplay.

Mancubi surrounded by a lethal quantity of barrels are not very intimidating. Neither are dense waves of zombiemen.

Usage of revenants seemed decent.

I like the detailing work in things like the runway label.

When I loaded the level in SLADE and ran the map checker to work out what was going on with the invisible wall fragments that didn't exist, I didn't find any geometry errors - just a missing floor texture on sector 1125, which might be impossible to see anyway (is this necessary to make the barrier window behave as intended?), and a missing tag on linedef 4842 (admittedly, probably not a problem in practice). Re-saving the map so that the nodes get rebuilt seemed to deal with the "humping a non-existent invisible wall" problem near the entrance.

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Well, poo. Disjunction beta 3, finally containing all 10 maps.
The map 10 is still very rough, so please be gentle with it. It might melt weaker machines on ZDoom, so Boom might work better.
I hopefully fixed some things from previous version, but most focus was getting map10 done.
Also now I got mapnames display properly.

grommile: Thanks for notifying. Managed to fix it.

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Played the new MAP07 on HMP, pistol start, zdoom, saves. Really cool. Might be my favorite of the set so far. I first ended up over by the big semicircle trap (with the two pillars off to the sides with the egg-shaped switches) and ran out of ammo. I backtracked to a save and played through the rest of areas, which had nice bumps in difficulty but nothing extreme, before activating the semicircle trap and running away. The various curves and circles are interconnected in interesting ways, including multiple ways to approach some encounters, and the theme of secret tomb/temple comes off well. The final area and leadup are visually stunning but in my book, a little tedious (coming at the end of a lot of switch hitting and with heavy darkness). For players like me, lighting up the switches on the sides of the big room might help; I barreled down to the end expecting something there, meaning I might have caught a glimpse of those on the side and have had some more information to work with.

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Thanks for feedback.

Releasing new version, release candinate 1.
I didn't quite light up the switches since I had forgotten your post, but I will try to get it by final version, at least.

Oh yeah, an additional map! I ended up doing it on whim, and didn't quite know where to stick it, so it goes to map07 slot now.

In total:
Some slimetrail fixes in now-map11, prettied up map02 a bit, difficulty settings and new map07.

Edit: Hoo boy, actually, another RC just around now. I added few skies ( replacing map01's sky, map07's sky and giving new one to map06! ). Also padded up ammo in map04.

Release Candinate 2

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Alright, since the project moved to rc2, I should wrap up what I have so far.
FDAs for 01-07 on rc1: http://www.mediafire.com/file/5724tuyqb5l8cbp/dj_rc1_01-07fdas.7z

Fast and easy opener, taking out weak trash with the chaingun and barrels. The soulsphere teased me endlessly without a happy ending. Not really much to complain about. Maybe the RK fight was a bit underwhelming and something on the ground to help the cacos would make it a bit more thrilling? Dunno.
I'm intrigued by the telecloset setup. W1 lines are generally not safe, especially in combination with scrolling floors, but deaf monsters are unlikely to skip them with this design and the destinations pretty much can't be blocked. Well, maybe coop players could spite-block the arachnotron, heh. So your design most likely passes as reliable, but it's... playing with fire!

I liked this map a lot. It's still easy enough to let me play with bravado and abandon, so I risk irresponsibly and get away with it, heh. Loved the slaughter hallway. Good music choice.
My FDA misses one hell knight, because he teleports too far away from his designated fight. Put the destination a bit closer.

Cool map, no complaints. FDA still flows fairly smoothly. One minor possible improvement: the final vile is pretty damn useless by himself. A pair would do better and there's tons of ammo to spare.

Oh boy. No one told me I should suddenly count every single bullet and tyson anything I can (and half of what I can't with my skills, heh). Basically on my first try I hopelessly ran out of ammo in the eastern cavern and that was it. The second attempt died On the second attempt I died when entering the western water room with the revs/vile ambush. That was pretty unexpected, heh. I reloaded that demo and finished it in style: by cheesing the final room and chainsawing most of the caco army one by one after running back down the lift for about 15 minutes. You should watch it as a punishment for your ammo balance! I know you've already worked on fixing it, so prob no need to cry about it. I'll retry the map later.
Ok, issues. GAs thing 402 and 417 are placed terribly, 402 is pretty much a forced pickup if you need to return that way. I picked up 417 by accident when going for the sphere (iirc). There's a big chance that will ruin the player's secret BA advantage - move them somewhere in a corner where they're less likely to be picked!
It is possible to get on the outer ring of the final cavern. There's very little you can do about that - I get there via jumping on the ledge, but it takes a trivial archvile jump at any time, not to mention double or triple av jumps, heh. It could cheese the fight a little (a lot), so you could set the sectors to damaging, possibly. It's going to be illogical, but it's either that or some smartass hiding around the rocks, your pick. :) In either case, make the vile sectors impassible. The viles aren't there for all difficulties, so someone could fall into the hole and get stuck on easy/medium.
Anyway, gorgeous map, just a "bit" unbalanced in rc1, heh.

I like this map, nasty library maze is always welcomed, but it has problems with the cramped layout. And I don't mean gameplay, that's quite okay even in prboom-plus with the bumpier behaviour. However bumps cause trouble here, heh.
First of all, was I supposed to get the megasphere in the central room so early? I felt like it was meant for the arena fight (which it should be), but I picked it by accident, p much wasting it. Maybe it could be elevated on some small pillar?
Of course then there's that sneaky wall ambush that was more dangerous than all the monsters in the fight. :)
Berserk t. 660 is too close to the wall, so it can be casually bumped without accessing the secret. This is probably true with some other items like shells t. 43-45, but those don't really matter.
Secret sector 183 is unreachable, because linedef 2099 is too close to linedef 2101. The latter eats the actions, so the lift cannot be pulled down. The minimum distance for classic vanilla/boom is 16 units, zdoom (and prboom-plus with a specific gameplay switch) let you pass through and activate both. This also makes the other gunshot activated secret unreachable right now.
The YK fight is by far the most brutal part of the map. Maybe pull the stimpaks from the following hallway into the arena for a symbolic help? Final arena is pretty cool!

Channeling a bit of your inner Ribbiks, aren't we? Cool looking stuff and the non-SSG gameplay is fairly challenging. I'd actually drop a SSG for the lower difficulties instead of drastically removing monsters, btw.
HKs t. 291 and 292 can't teleport, because their buddies in front of them are deaf. And this is a good thing, because holy balls that fight can wreck your ammo stash if things go badly with the archvile. Can you sprinkle a few more rockets there? They're really important, especially if there's going to be 4 more HKs, heh.
The SE arena seems more balanced in comparison. I got into some rocket woes there as well, but mostly because I was wasteful against the imp horde.
The noise produced by the vanilla 3d bridge in the NW section is quite terrible, haha. You could try a trick here... merge the bridge sector with a dummy sector far off the map. The sound will be produced at the center of the merged sectors - hopefully also somewhere in the void! Et voila, a silent vanilla bridge.
Sector 1336 should probably have some lower back textures, cause it produces a HOM. It can actually flash nastily from some angles.
Also the ALLBLACK texture here looks like a mistake, it makes the wall next to it look paper thin?
Interesting final fight and interesting way to skip it, heh. Could you lit up the exit stairs though? I kinda didn't realize anything happened there and for a while I thought I should return to the map and search for an exit somewhere else.

A short breather map, thank goodness! Do yourself a favour and highlight the brick that's supposed to be shot for the disco secret. You don't want people to actually miss it! No complaints otherwise.

Alright, that should be all for now. It's a pretty good mapset so far, definitely impressive for a debut. I'm switching to RC2 for the rest of the maps.

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A few more quick notes I dug out of memory for the previous maps!

Some oddball lift logic, particularly operating different sectors with the same action. It's most obvious in the exit room where the pair of exit lifts is conjoined by tag 30, but that one doesn't hurt anything, it's just weird and unnecessary (imo). The lifts out of the water floor in the reactor room neart the BK (action tag 6) however are in completely different pits. That's not very logical or functional and gives me a very 90'ish vibe, heh. I'd say always split up lifts that aren't functionally tied together by some intentional design. I know you probably don't particularly test/balance for coop, but this one is something that could trip up coop players for no good reason.

Arena scenario activation lines. Not particularly hurtful issue here, but it comes up elsewhere iirc and it's good to know about it. Look at action tag 40, it releases a bunch of pigs on a player jumping down into room to deal with some HKs and a manc. Except the action triggers while the player is still on the upper floor, which can result in a bunch of pigs mulling under the player's ledge. This matters a lot in hard Sunlust-style maps, because players do probe any point-of-no-return edges veeeery carefully! As a rule of thumb, arena ambushes should only activate inside of the arena, heh.

Another unnecessarily conjoined lift in the exit arena (action tag 23).

The silencing barrier for the final arena is located o lets me wake the PEs (and the vile) ahead of the battle itself by firing right before jumping down. Maybe another sound blocking line inside of the arena right under the ledge?


Alright and also some demos for 08 and 09 recorded on RC2: http://www.mediafire.com/file/978085kdeqk8cp1/dj_rc2_08-10fdas.7z

The demo name is a lie. In my actual FDA I got stuck in sector 1901 after climbing over the switch in the 'zerk room. It's possible to glide out, but this is obviously not an acceptable solution, hah. I managed to delete that video on accident, so I replayed from scratch. And I died in the YK fight and replayed the segment from that point, but then I managed to delete the death video as well. Whoops! Accident or covering up my failures? You decide!

Btw that fight is very cool, though quite tough for a first timer. I even made everything worse by pressing the switches early and getting viles in my face along with the rev horde. Nice! Maybe some of the armor bonuses behind the crushers could be stimpaks? As a symbolic help? Heh.

Completely secret out the entire closet in the southern-most hallway. The ambush there is already quite obvious by design (one manc faaaar at the other side, huh?), but also having the compmap just completely ruins it, haha.

I'd say the caco invasion in the NW cyb arena is a pointless time waster. If you quickly jump into the arena, the cacos are very annoying simply by blocking your rocket dodges and if you stay in the switch area/return to the previous room and wait it out there, the cyb will slaughter them all without giving you any trouble. Such a scenario clearly favours pussing it out, which I'm not a fan of. How about you save the 3 mancs into a telecloset instead of the cacos and put them on the rim with that switch action? They'll block the player even more, but they'll also force him to come down. Then trim down the caco fleet and port them in with the same switch that starts crushing the cyb, that way they outlast the cyb and also force a fight with the player - with the cyb being of limited usefulness/danger. Might need slight ammo boosting and an extra voodoo setup though.

Sector 3268, the one with the gun activated switch triggering the YK battle, should be much taller, because right now you can shoot it from the other side. That obviously ruins everything as you can flee back into the unclosed long corridor.

The BFG room has some visual issues: https://imgur.com/a/1qtOr
Linedef 12254 has no texture and the second one is a VERY flashy HOM from I think linedef 12049.
Cool Sunlust-style final arena, btw.

Full arena combat mode initiated! Obviously the extra cruelty got me killed a bunch of times, so I'm providing the partial demos if you want to amuse yourself with my deaths. Then simply load the next part with "-skipsec 123" where the value is the time of death in the previous segment.

I liked the map, especially the YK scenario is witty, like an inverse cousin to the Sunlust map29 running barrier fight. I managed to get it wrong and it didn't entirely kill me, that's a plus I guess, heh. Move GA t. 380 though, right now it's a forced pickup that's not appreciated by people with 99% BA. I thought you had the trigger for the YK arena revs cheeseable before dropping down... but it's alright.

The BK fight really surprised me and I wasn't sure how exactly the timing works. I feel the BFG takes a bit too long for my liking to drop. So after reloading I cheesed it by sitting on the rev teledest. Oops. :) Might be good to have a pair of them.

Oh and action 44 conjoins two lifts needlessly. Dunno why I'm so allergic to them.

Well, that's more of a joke demo. Obviously, this is going to take some more effort and having flashbacks to Sunlust map29 doesn't fill me with confidence I can record on this properly, heh. I'll come back to it later.

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I'll try playing through the maps on UV and giving some thoughts about them. No demos because I'll be using saves.

Map 01, Leaden Skies

A nice, calm starting map. The hitscanners on far away ledges were a bit bullshit, but they never managed to overwhelm me. Honestly, apart from the sniping zombie horde, the whole map felt a bit empty. There were a bunch of big rooms with only a few enemies inside them. The Archvile at the end with little cover would have been a definite "oh shit" moment if I hadn't saved my rockets. With those, it went down before it could finish its first attack.

Where are the secrets in this map? I only found the Soulsphere one and that only because I checked every wall around it, there was no indication as to which one would open up.

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FDAs for 10-11: http://www.mediafire.com/file/yddx8l20df3eycp/dj_rc2_10-11fdas.7z

Oh boy, this is easily the hardest map in the set, imo. The start is vicious, because it's not clear what to do in all that chaotic crossfire. I found myself tossed into the lava constantly (the slow lifts are not my favourite, heh), my way out getting blocked by the monsters in the meantime, the arsenal handed out on a pistol start pathetically impotent. But whatever, that's all relatively fine, because it all happens inside the first 30-60 secs. The true suffering starts once the player reaches the zerk/chainsaw rooms, because they might be badly bruised, still woefully underequipped... and pretty much having to count every shogtun round against close range revenants. I'd prooobably ease up a little in those two rooms, let player regenerate a bit (they still need to move p fast because the viles follow). Like, a bit more health and sg/cg ammo? Maybe just one pig instead of three in the NW connecting hallway? At that particular point relenting a little would make me feel much less frustrated, heh.

RK room: I think the arachs should port in for the RK pit battle. Right now they just slowed me down a ton before I plinked them to death from the doorway, cause I didn't feel like entering an unknown room with them still alive. Throw in a bit more health in the pit and they can mix up the RK fight nicely!

The cyb in the SW room past the PG was surprisingly thrilling, cause at this point I knew those health packs would be useful for the other stuff, so I didn't want to lose any health to the cyb himself, heh. And then while fighting him I totally accidentally stumbled into the teleporter & died, ugh. Seriously, the cyb can't walk over it anyway, so it sould be on like a piedestal or at least visually it should be very clear that it's a teleporter!

SE room: probably embrace the arena nature of the map and have the perched revs port in along with the release of the cacos? I dismantled the room entirely, tbh. By approaching it from the north, I killed everything I could from the ledge - behind soundblocking lines, so I never woke up the PEs until I walked into them. That was a bit of a shock and then I rocketpunched a lost soul, that was a fuckup, heh. Only then I released the caco swarm... basically not getting a proper battle but a series of one-monster-type lame encounters, heh. Put some of the rocket ammo from the PEs into the open and set the room to wake up at once!

The NE part of the map I liked, the setpiece with the cyb is funny.

The BFG reveal was a lot of fun, the imp invasion I'd say much less so. Some of the imps should also port into the southern "triangles", imo. This way it's trivial to cheese/block them and just take them out from afar/by baiting the surviving cybs. The demo shows this in detail, heh.

Now the biggest gameplay issues:
The map is super-confusing, tbh. I had no idea what my objective is quite a lot of the time. I see it's set up as "half the map is more or less optional", but the big teleporter to the "command" room is only reasonably set up in the east wing. The west wing is quite time sensitive/obscure with the double switch and having to go around a corner on a pretty thin ledge. Falling there is super-easy, I'd place the switch for the bars elsehwere, maybe the ground floor?

Also mother of god, switch to the final arena absolutely needs to be visible from afar! I was lost for minutes, circling an empty map before finally spotting it! It can't be tucked away behind architecture like this, it must shine and blink and generally be super-visible, because EXIT THIS WAY!

And finally, the exit battle. Too much for me, heh. The viles are pretty overpowering and if I manage to destroy all of them by furious BFG spam, I'm pretty much empty on cells and have to deal with the impending caco horde with just rockets, which is quite the herding task, given the chaotic nature of the previous moments. Basically I see no reason to even endure the fight when I can skip it so easily, haha! Maybe more cells would make the fight less of a bitch... but this is entirely up to you, maybe that's how you want it. My issue is that at the end of such an extensive & hard map, a fight this deadly is kinda overwhelming, heh.

Small bug: thing 727 is displaced into the void.
Oh and the first time playing the map, I managed to hit just one of the shootable switches in the start room, so only one set of bars was opened. I thought I should report it as a bug, but looking at the setup... damn, that was just ridiculous "luck" on my part, heh. But maybe you could put the lines closer together just in case.
Oh and the GAs in the northern "control room" are right in front of the soulspheres, which makes it awkward/forced pickups. Maybe rearrange them to the sides?

Damn, this map is epic. Really impressive stuff on a scale that gives Sunder run for its money! The structure is jaw-dropping, good work.

Cool encounters on the way to it, too. I liked the little cyb fights the most, tho the vile outhouses are by far the hardest, heh. I died there several times, actually, just imagine the one death shown like three or four times, heh. The player can be pretty sore after that, maybe put a berserk behind the bars to "restart" him for the following sections?

You did a fairly good job "proofing" the map against sequence breaking, pretty good, pretty good. It can still fall apart if the player abuses some rocketjumping on monsters or leads the first bunch of archviles near the edge, which can lead to a jump all the way to the central structure I think. Though that would be quite a spectacle of a speedrun, haha. I wouldn't bother much with any further proofing.

The structure itself is a bit of a problem though. Why is it encircled by a monster blocking line? I completely broke the last huge battle by escaping over the bridge. Cacos couldn't follow, I had the cybs take care of many of them, then dealt with the rest of the blocked caco cloud, heh. Tbh I don't see why they shouldn't follow me around?
I did this because I had basically no incentive to stay on the platform. The cyb quartet is too dangerous, the platform is quite narrow and I can always get hit in the back by the cacos... while dealing with all of it from below seemed much easier, heh. Dunno if this is how it should work?
I still died to the fight, but that was gross incompetence, heh. I was waiting for the cacos to get nearer (didn't know about the impassible line) and then I just walked off the cliff into the icy water. Great move, heh.

Another annoying thing about the structure is how awkward it is to return to a higher floor when you jump down. Honestly, just add more steps/lifts. Walking around it on that tiny rim over and over gets tiring and the initial way up wasn't even that dependent on limited access. Or build the additional steps once the higher floor is reached? Or teleporters? Some facilitation would help a lot.
And speaking of, I managed to lock myself out. When I brought down the final vile quartet, I jumped down in panic without pressing the "secret" switch that reveals the crusher, which meant I couldn't return up. The lift route is blocked since the entire center moved. That needs a fix.
And the finale itself is a bit strange, tbh. You pretty much need to use the crusher if you want 100% kills, because the romero head will die sooner than the viles if you tough it out. Or will the explosion kill them? It's a bit off-center so it might not reliably.

Anyway, that's all I can remember for now. Good stuff!

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So, I am confident enough now.


Alas, Disjunction is officially released.
I suppose. It is still in progress of getting in /idgames, but I am offering this mirror since I have absolutely no patience.

Hopefully some of the bugs/visual errors are fixed, and you enjoy the 11 maps I made.
Eventually, probably I will have to push an update, but that's worry for later.

Thanks for everyone for help and encouragement.

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A debut better than most people's best works, hehe. Cool mapset, very inspiring and maybe even a bit discouraging in the sense of "wow, I'll probably never be able to create awesome stuff like this". Well, I guess there is no point in getting jealous of other people's skills and I should turn this into positive energy that will motivate me instead. Anyway I hope we will see more levels from you.

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Thank you for compliments.

Anyway, I found that map04 and map06 could used some fixing, so I made new version.
Map06s enemies were drastically to be weaker, so it is less tedius during UV and is less ammo-droughty. Plus, bit easier.

As for map04, bit similar changes to help with the ammo drought, as well. Plus some visual touches.


The new version isn't uploaded to /idgames yet.

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Great job bringing this home. It might be a while before I play more of it. I remember when you first posted screenies. Or the first ones I saw -- moody as hell pillars. They really stood out.

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Yes, many a congrats to floatrand here. You've got the potential and drive; certainly one of the community's more talented folks in such a short timespan; let's see what else he has for us.

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Alas, I had to update the set a bit after seeing it being streamed.

Biggest changes were in map11, where I reduced monster count quite a bit ( the final caco invasion was bit redundant and too many cybies )

I also did some other misc. changes, like now the switch at beginning of map10 is not shootable, but clickable. 


The /idgames version is not yet updated, but the version in Google Drive is.

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On 16.03.2017 at 7:14 PM, floatRand said:

Alas, I had to update the set a bit after seeing it being streamed.

Biggest changes were in map11, where I reduced monster count quite a bit ( the final caco invasion was bit redundant and too many cybies )

I also did some other misc. changes, like now the switch at beginning of map10 is not shootable, but clickable. 


The /idgames version is not yet updated, but the version in Google Drive is.

After this update I played "judecca" a little and decided to do demo run. The map became easier but what I like is the theme, the style...


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