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Intergrating the PSX DOOM HUD correctly

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I've been having trouble getting the PSX HUD mod to work with my WAD.
I've tried a few methods: I've compiled both wads together into a .pk3; the map works but the hud changes are not apparent.
Next I imported the files from PSXHUD.pk3 into my wad. The map works again but the hud is completely blank. Not even the vanilla hud appears.
Attempting to import the wad into PSXHUD.pk3 simply does not boot, with errors saying that various patches could not be found.
It will work when you load them both into the launcher, But I require both to be the same file.
I am not that great with this kind of editing: could somebody give me some pointers on how this can be done correctly?

Edit: Link to the PSX HUD Mod here: http://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=26338

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Open both your wad and PSXDOOM.pk3 in SLADE3. Copy KEYCONF.TXT and LOADACS.TXT into your wad while removing the suffixes from their names (they would be named just KEYCONF and LOADACS). Then create A_START and A_END markers in your wad, and put "PSXHUD.O" from the ACS folder in PSXDOOM.pk3 between those markers in your wad, and again, remove the file suffix. Finally, copy the contents of the Graphics folder in PSXDOOM.pk3 into your wad (outside of any markers), and remove file suffixes. Importantly, don't try to copy folders themselves from the pk3 into the wad, as the wad format doesn't support folders.

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