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eDuke32 Mods and Games

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Since our discussion on the new new Duke game coming out by shitbox. I have been wanting to share with you some really killer games and mods for eDuke. Some of which does not require you to own Duke Nukem 3D or any other variant to play. So without further ado.... Here are some great mods to play that either use eDuke32, or are coded with the eDuke32.

ZykovEddy's games on Gamejolt.com

He has made some AMAZING games using the eDuke engine. His Sonic game is absolutely on point. And I really enjoy his Electric Highways game as well. Check him out when you get a chance. And this also is one of those games you don't need Duke Nukem to play.

These require both eDuke and a copy of Duke 3D to play. But have some really cool mods / TC's for Duke.
This has an excellent Blood TC and also a pretty decent Doom TC for Duke Nukem

This site has a bunch of cool looking mods that even I have not gotten a chance to play through thoroughly with.

Let me know if there are any other cool Duke sites with unique mods other then moddb and post them here.

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Here's War of Attrition:https://forums.duke4.net/topic/1942-duke-nukem-war-of-attrition/
Very good mod with Arcade and RPG elements, a lot of replay value.

From the creator of Cosmetic Doom, Cosmetic Duke by December Man:https://forums.duke4.net/topic/8475-release-cosmetic-duke-version-12-is-up/
If you played Cosmetic Doom before, then you know what this mod is about.
Good for replaying all Duke3D's episodes again.

What would happen if you mix SW:DF with Duke3D?
Here's the answer:https://forums.duke4.net/topic/8651-release-duke-forces-the-star-wars-mod-for-eduke32/

Duke Plus, good mod with new features, new fancy visuals, plus some levels designed with it:https://forums.duke4.net/topic/802-duke-plus/

Also let's not forget the addon compilation by NightFright:https://forums.duke4.net/topic/7640-release-eduke32-addon-compilation/

There's others too, but these are my top favorites and i highly recommend them.
Always bet on Duke.

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Hell yeah, hail to the king baby! The Doomworld of Duke is Duke4.net, you'll find everything there too: https://forums.duke4.net/

Everybody reading this should grab a recent eduke build, it's sort of like the GZDoom of Duke, and it has the classic renderer as an option too. I recommend Polymost, the default. (Polymer is the option with extra lighting, that has lower FPS etc)

20160610-5775 is a particularly stable build about eight down from the top, grab that one for starters.

Also that build is the one currently most recommended by the guy who put together this awesome Addons Compilation. If you download one thing for Duke, download this. It's very comprehensive, not only having a lot of the popular mods/map sets, but also combining popular map series into entries to play like one Doom WAD, available in a big list from the launcher.
http://hrp.duke4.net/download.php (Scroll down to the bottom of that page to grab EDuke32 Addon Compilation v3.0 [612 MB]) NightFright has a thread on the Duke4 modifications forum with update news and stuff. And after installing the launcher in your eduke folder you make a shortcut to the eduke exe and add -jaddons by right-clicking the properties of the shorcut.

I recommend the Roch series of maps in particular, which is also an entry in that launcher.

And there's always Groovy Street by me oh yes, it's a map, good times. Here's the steam page for some screens etc.


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zZaRDoZz said:

So I'm the only one who fell in love with WGrealms2 siege breaker? The fantasy/scifi mix is absolutely perfect in those hugely sumptuous levels.


That's in the Addons compilation above, with some extra bug fixes by NightFright too, oh yes! Good call, and yeah there are so many good ones to check out.

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