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I need help with ACS inventory

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I would like to create a new inventory system for my upcoming mod - a survival action adventure named Shadow over the Pathoras (http://www.moddb.com/mods/shadow-over-the-pathoras).

There is a lot of items (for example food, puzzle items,money...) Simply put, the native inventory is small for this, so I have scroll a lot before I find what I need. The best solution would be a simple point and click grid inventory like many adventure games have.

My problem is I am not a programmer, so I am not exactly sure what to do. I canĀ“t find any tutorial whatsoever and no examples to mess with.
If you have some experiences with this I would appreciate some help or advice what I need to do.


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Check out Mortal Kombat Doom by doomero21, which has a grid-based "fake menu" for character selection, programmed in ACS. I think it's probably the closest thing to what you describe that has ever been done in ZDoom. It's very hacky anyway, as the engine has no native support for such a feature.

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