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END POINT: oh hey Eternal released a new mapset

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I'm up to 5 or 6. Fun, fun, fun, small-scale levels with some really fine monster placement.


Finished map07, a pretty strong ending. If you're not averse to some claustrophobia here and there, this is a really fun set. The overall feeling is pretty classic, but in a boiled down, carefully engineered way. True to form, End Point (for me at least) is strongest when it sticks to tight spaces and brass tacks: Some of the larger areas don't quite live up to their billing. Custom textures are kept to a minimum, and detailing, while nice, takes a back seat to overall flow. Monster placement is judicious, which makes conserving ammo easier (it can be a bit tight). The music is sorta lighthearted, almost goofy. An interesting exercise in making a bunch of small rooms connected by hallways fun.

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Oh nice, I love Eternal's stuff! I would have completely missed this if it weren't for this thread. Thanks Linguica :)

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