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Castle Wolfenstein 1.1

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Escape from Castle Wolfenstein – Chapter 1


The doctor looked over the status report he had just written with a frown. Dissatisfactory! He briefly looked at the steel table. Stubborn prisoners are useless, useless! The other one had better be useful

Doctor Zierler sighed and attached the notepad to a hook on the castle wall. He looked at his hands. They were all filthy with the blood of his victim after he had used the nippers on him. He walked over to the sink and began to wash his hands.

He heard the lattice door to the cells open behind him.
“Ah, there you are” He said, continuing washing his hands and not looking back. “Shackle the prisoner up at the wall and take the other one off the table”.

There was no reply.

The doctor got irritated. Did this uneducated proletarian dare not to give him an obligatory acknowledgement? He sighed irritably.
“Feldwebel, when I give you an order I expect you to give me an acknowledgement is that understood?”
Still no reply.

The doctor was just about to turn around, when he felt a strong arm throwing itself around his neck and forcing his head up. Before he could even let out a yelp of surprise, he felt a sharp pain in his back.
He wanted to scream, but blood filled his mouth and he could only let out a muffled gurgle. The world began to fade before his eyes and he noticed how the table with the sink rushed up to meet his face. Then darkness.


Blazcowicz, used a clean area of the doctor’s coat to wipe off the blood on the knife. He gave Agent one a thorough look over. He seemed pretty dead. A thick, black smoke rose from the scorched body. BJ gritted his teeth and swore an oath with a muffled whisper. Just then a weak cough reached his ears. He looked down to see that Agent One had opened his eyes slightly. BJ lowered his head as to hear what his maltreated partner had to say.

“Tr..tr..tram” he whispered with a voice so weak that BJ could barely hear it. Blazcowicz could feel how Agent One’s body was shaking after the powerful electrical charges that he had been subject to.

“The.....only......w...way...out...is..is..whith...th...tram” Agent One’s head sank back on the steel table. BJ took his pulse.
Agent One was dead.

Enraged, he kicked the body of the nazi interrogator in its side and went over to look at the notepad. Thankfully, Agent One had not let out any information, but the Nazis knew that they were both spies.
BJ went out of the torture chamber and went up a stairway, which led to a wooden door on the left and a hallway in front of him. There was a guard lazily walking down the hallway with his back turned on BJ. He was tempted to just fire at the soldier with his Lüger, but the sound of a radio being tuned between different channels told him that there was another guard nearby, which could call in reinforcements as soon as he was alerted.

He hid behind a wall and peeked around the corner. The patrolling guard had stopped and was talking to the other one. BJ listened carefully.
Bah, nothing important! he thought as he realized that the guards were only chatting about getting some music on the radio.
BJ waited until the patrolling guard had rounded a corner, heading down another hallway and then he snuck up on the soldier at the radio and silently disposed of him with the knife.
The German soldier had his submachine gun – the German MP40 placed in a weapons stand with a spare magazine filled with 9-millimeter bullets lying on a small table next to it.

He grabbed the weapon and checked its magazine to see that it too was filled with bullets.

Looking around the corner, he could see the guard he had seen before talking with another one.
Two guards at one spot. BJ clutched the MP40. He wouldn't be able to take these two down silently.
Blazcowicz stepped into the hallway, and sent a spray of bullets at the two guards. The first one fell to the ground, dead. The other one reacted and drew his pistol, but BJ sent him crashing into a wooden table behind him with another short burst.
He ran over to the dead guards, knelt down and looked around, pointing the machine gun in the direction he was looking.
There were nobody nearby and he took the risk of enemies suddenly popping out of nowhere, and collected the ammunition from the German soldiers.

BJ was surprised that there weren’t more guards present, especially because he read a note hanging on the wall, informing that security at Castle Wolfenstein was dissatisfactory and for this reason breaches in security caused by the guards would be punished severely.

But what was far more interesting to him, however, was that the note also mentioned that the “excavation” team had had tremendous success lately.

Success with what? he thought.

He looked around again. Nothing. It seemed that no guards had been close enough to hear his machine gun fire.


Blazcowicz slowly opened the door halfway and peeked out. The cold winter wind blew into his face. He could see a courtyard several feet below him, surrounded by gray castle walls and ahead of him was a building with battlements at the top. There was an ornate wooden door straight ahead of him.
A guard suddenly appeared on the battlements. BJ backed away, but only enough to prevent light from falling on him, revealing his presence to the guard. He could still see the guard. The German soldier apparently wasn’t looking in his direction, but BJ waited until the guard turned his back on him, before he snuck outside.

He found himself on top of a wall. There was a small roof next to the door he had just come out of. He decided to crawl onto the roof and from there, jump down into the courtyard as it didn’t seem quite as far from the ground from the roof. This was preferred to run across the wall to the door and risk that a potential guard on some of the battlements would see him.

He landed softly on the roof as quietly as he could and slipped down into the courtyard after ensuring himself that there was no guard waiting beneath the roof.
I need to take out the nearest alarm he thought to himself, looking around.


“Herr Grenadier Renger!”
“Jawohl Herr Leutnant?” The young private stood stiffly attention before his superior.
“I have a few tasks for you Grenadier. Firstly, this coded dispatch about the problems that the weather is causing must go out immediately” The Lieutenant waved a sheaf of paper in front of the soldier, who replied with a intimidated “Jawohl Herr Leutnant!”
“Also, inform me at once of any vital messages that you receive, is that understood”
The Lieutenant was just about to leave the private to his assignments when he suddenly remembered something.
“The M17 transceiver, what’s the status on it?”
“Still waiting on parts Herr Leutnant”
“Ach, if it’s really so difficult carry on!” The Lieutenant mumbled out of the side of his mouth and then released the soldier, who was more than happy to get away from his superior’s unpleasant gaze.
With the musical tones of the radio being tuned behind him where Renger was operating it, the officer went over to the place where the wall had collapsed a few weeks earlier when lightning had struck the castle on this spot. They still haven’t dispatched workers to fix it. Their all busy using the workers at that digging of theirs he thought bitterly. This castle will soon fall apart from lack of maintenance!
The Lieutenant raised his binoculars and skimmed the area outside. He could see the lone guard patrolling backwards and forwards on the other side of the courtyard.
He heard a muffled sound behind him as if something soft yet heavy fell to the floor and the radio went silent apart from a low, sizzling sound.
“Renger, was machst du denn!?” He barked irritably and turned around.

A large man wearing filthy black clothes was standing right in front of him. He was unshaven and wore a hateful expression in his rough face. The hateful stare in the man’s eyes was enough to unnerve the officer completely, but that wasn’t the only thing that shocked him. The man held a bloodstained knife in his right hand and the Lieutenant could see private Renger lie on the floor next to the radio table, a small pool of blood forming under the motionless body.

The officer opened his mouth in surprise but couldn’t utter a sound and before he could react, he felt a terrible pain in his throat. He realized that the man had just buried the knife in his own throat.


BJ took no notice of the officer, who was now making a muffled, gargling sound as life slowly ebbed out of his body and he sank to the floor. The spy was too occupied ensuring that nobody had heard or seen anything suspicious. He grabbed the binoculars from the now dead nazi officer and quickly surveyed the situation outside. He was surprised to find only one guard patrolling on the castle walls on the other side of the courtyard.
I wonder where all the guards are? He thought puzzled. This place was swarming with guards when we got captured, but they all seem to be gone now!? He didn’t like the look of things. Did they already know that he had escaped his cell? Maybe they were trying to set a trap for him.
Better be careful! He thought biting his lip. Better be real careful!

BJ went over to a green box hanging on the nearby wall. It had a loudspeaker at the top center and a rather large, red button at the lower part of the device. He immediately knew that this was one of the alarm devices that would make a horrible, loud noise when the button was pressed that would alert any of the guards in a very large area. Chances were almost at one hundred percent that if one alarm was sounded, several other alarms would be sounded as well, alerting all of the castle guards and possibly the garrison stationed near the village below the castle.

Blazcowicz grabbed a nearby chair and hammered it at the alarm device with such force that the device broke with a sharp sizzle.

It wont squeal about me anymore!


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