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Thy flesh consumed: 7ZXEJV2Q , single Player

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I have made a new single Player Map, wich based on the Doom Boardgame Scenario 4.

You have 3 lifes, and you can finde 2 extra lifes. In the middle of the map you have more ways to go. The map have 6 secrets and one of this is a hidden BFG. Playtime is 30 minutes and the degree of difficulty is demanding.

4: Thy flesh consumed: 7ZXEJV2Q

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It was pretty entertaining, but then I died in a wave event and lost all my weapons other than the lightning gun, so I was trapped and unable to kill. Some of the progression is kind of odd, and It's annoying how one of the branching teleporters after the hell knight doesn't let you backtrack. I really liked the fire tunnel for some reason though.

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