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How to Change map names and intermission

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In vanilla/Boom compatibility, you change map names on the automap via DEHACKED by editing the respective text strings in the Strings table, and change map names on the intermission screen by replacing the CWILV** graphics by custom ones that you make in some graphic editor.

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sincity2100 said:

I tried to change it but it doesn't work

Open some existing vanilla/LR/Boom-compatible wad that does this to see how it's done properly. (And you should prefer the DEHACKED+CWILV method, as MAPINFO only works in advanced ZDoom-based ports.)

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If you decide to go with the ZDoom route, the ZMAPINFO lump needs syntax like this:

map MAP01 "Hella cool map name"
map MAP02 "Even cooler map name"

For an example of map info including the intermission text replacement, one of mine looks like this:
map MAP01 "Overslept"
sky1 = "PARSKY2", 0
next = "MAP02"
ExitPic = "IMP10"
cluster = 1
clusterdef 1 {
exittext = "You're late for work at the UAC starport", "base.", "", "Again.", "", "Arriving at the commons, you find them", "abandoned. Distant alarms sound and", "there's a sense of foreboding...", "", "A stillness before the storm."

Hope this example helps.

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