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Any wads with original new monsters like Soul Harvester from Realm 667

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Hello guys,

I look at many wads, like Titan, Volvex, Scythe, Strain, Realm 667, etc. But I dont find other nice new monsters like Soul Harvester or Spirit Imp from Realm 667, I dont know where thoses 2 monsters come from ? From other game or just a pure creation ?

I know there is a lot of monsters in many wads, but most of them are just import from heretic, hexen or strife or modified ones from doom.

I am looking for new original monsters with doom like. I have a kick for Soul Harvester, he is nice and original.

Any suggestion for other new monsters I can look for ? :)

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If you don't mind some shameless self-plugging, my Plasmaplant might fit what you're looking for, including two new monsters made from scratch. Here's a screenie, not from Plasmaplant, showing some of them infighting:

(actually, come to think of it, the flamethrower-toting Viper wasn't included in Plasmaplant, but there's still the Clusterfiend and Midasfiend in there)

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It's quite possible that there never was a fully finished sprite set for this monster, only this one front-view sprite to show off the concept. The monster is apparently a relatively simple mashup of Afrit + Bruiser Demon sprites, and full sprite sets of both these monsters can be found at the Realm667 bestiary. You could create the full sprite set if you extracted the sprites and used some graphic editor to cut the lower half of the Afrit and upper half of the Bruiser Demon and join them together for each frame, then insert these new sprites into your wad and possibly recolor them afterwards.

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