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Koko Ricky

Could id have avoided the constant bottomless pits?

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Xaser said:

Back on the original topic, I like death pits. For whatever reason, in any game, falling deaths are almost always universally funny as shit to me.

Yup. Makes me laugh. Just dying period in a game makes me laugh. I worry of the people that throw stuff around and get all mad. Chill dummy.

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i don't think i died too much to bottomless pits on my first run. first one i remember was the secret lever in resops, because there's a gap there that you can fall into, and probably will on your first time, but after that it's easy enough to avoid doing it. i might've died a few more times later in resops, and possibly in some of the hell levels, though i definitely died a bit more in the argent tower, which in retrospect isn't the most well-designed level, even though scaling the tower is a neat concept. i definitely died more to monsters myself after i cranked up the difficulty to UV and especially Nightmare. i don't remember falling to death after trying to find secrets, either.

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about a rough 90% of my deaths are due to monsters as well. I'm on UV at the moment. Good god these guys are such assholes.

Will definitely save UNM for when I get the chance to play this thing on a proper rig.

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IMO, I thought the platforming here was solid, not much to complain about. Most of it is pretty straightforward, like in the Necropolis, but other times, it can get pretty intimidating, like with the Argent Tower.

However, I'd have to say that while it's not that bad, the Kadingir Sanctum is probably the only platforming level with invisible walls, meaning you can't take shortcuts if you wanted to, while the platforming sections in the Advanced Research Complex were probably the ones where I died the most (AKA that one platforming section loaded with Lost Souls that can just knock you off the map if you didn't see them first). There, it's gonna be a bitch to get by on Ultra-Nightmare.

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