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What mods run on D-Touch??

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Guys, I need your help. Again.

Earlier I made a post on the Source Ports forum asking which source port to take, and you guys have given me good answers.

Now the situation's changed.

I have D-Touch on my phone. So it's really amazing to play Doom when I'm outside.

Can you guys suggest some mods which WORK on D-Touch? I've always had a feeling Brutal Doom won't work, so I need your help.

PLZ help.

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D-Touch has hat I think is the latest stable release of Gzdoom, PRBoom+ and Chocolate Doom. With that you have all vanilla wads, vanilla limit removing wads and Boom wads but I dont really know how much will work with gzdoom, but I can guarantee that if it doesnt have "Oh by the way, this mod requires that one dev build that was released 3 nanoseconds ago!", it will work.

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Shadow Hog said:

I would be seriously impressed if you could beat a single round of Reelism on a touch-screen

Challenge accepted.

Also, Brutal Doom runs on D-Touch perfectly fine.
What exactly do you want to run? I can provide you with info.

I never tried running Project Brutality though. The Adventures of Square doesn't work.

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I'm wishing to get mods like ZION, Space Pirate, Hunter's Moon etc to work.

And of course Project Brutality.

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Well, try them out. Unless the author specifies that they need a very new version of gzdoom.

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