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None of this was missing in the wiki at all, you were just reading horribly the wrong place and didn't understand ACS's syntax as a result.

APROP_ViewHeight expects a fixed point number. ACS bytecode has no native type for this so you must suffix a decimal value for when ACC compiles it. 487 is 0.00743103 in fixed point, while 487.0 is 31916032 as normal integer.

Defining it as a string, "487", is even worse as strings are also integer represented in ACS (strings are immutable objects), so you were giving APROP_ViewHeight some invented garbage value instead that the compiler came up with.

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Calm down. Edward850 wasn't personally attacking you, he just corrected your mistakes. ACS's handling of data types is one of the most essential things in ACS, which is why it's linked from ACS main page right after "A quick beginner's guide to ACS". It's not necessary to know everything about ACS when working with it, but at least checking out the basics before going on to work with more advanced features (and complaining about their "misleading" descriptions) should be preferable.

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That wasn't even APROP_ViewHeight you were linking to, though. APROP_ViewHeight is in ACS_actor_properties.
You changed it there too, but unlike the other fixed point properties on that page, you haven't actually listed it as fixed point. This is inconsistent and can confuse newcomers.

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