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It is GZDoom builder much better tan Doom builder 2?
I recently had a problema with GZDoom builder and i cant use that, the problema says that i need directX 9.0 to use it, but i have directX 12 so i dont understand the thing, but well im thinking about change and use doom builder 2, but first i need to know if GZDoom is really really good or i can use from now doom builder and make the finest maps

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You can install DirectX 9 alongside DirectX 12, and they coexist just fine. Do that and then try them both out to decide for yourself which you prefer. I prefer Doom Builder 2, but that could just be me not wanting to learn a new interface.

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See Required software:

Santos said:

Is GZDoom Builder much better than Doombuilder 2?

My personal opinion is a resounding YES. I would not want to go back to any previous editor.

DB2 has not been upgraded for more than 3 years, whereas GZDB is constantly upgraded with new features and bug fixes.
Since GZDB is a branch of DB2 it retains all the functionality of DB2.

If you map for GZDoom, especially UDMF, then you hit the jackpot by using GZDB.
If you map for an advanced port like ZDoom, Zandronum, (Hexen format or UDMF), then there are configurations tailored for them.
If you are mapping for DOOM/2 format then GZDB retains all the functionality of DB2 but offers a few addional modes to map more speedily.



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Example of GZDB feature also useful for vanilla: the sound propagation mode, which allows you to visualize quickly where the "block sound" lines are.

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