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UV -respawn in GZDoom?

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is it possible to do so? the way GZDoom calculates % kills counts respawned enemies so even if i exit after killing 100% of the original map things, it gives me a % less than 100

is there a setting i can change or a modifier i can do in the .ini files?

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The score screen is irrelevant. You just need at least X kills, where X is the number of counted monsters that are in the map at the start.

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rehelekretep said:

cool - yes i figured as much but its a bit harder to see during the demo unless play it back with the advanced HUD on?

Why would you ever due a respawn run blind, especially in gzdoom? O_o

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People can play back max runs and, if they don't have lost souls set to not count, the percent is messed up too. Some things you have to accept with gzdoom. I don't think anyone is going to call you out for an invalid run. And besides, no one watches gzdoom runs :)

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