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Considering livestreaming, need advice! (Best software, live PIP facecam, etc)

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Hey fellas, I know we have a handful of streamers amongst us, so I just wanted to ask a few questions about the whole thing as I'm considering streaming/pre recording playthroughs from time.

  • What is the best software for recording game footage?
  • How can I live stream with a face cam PIP?
  • Can you recommend some free or cheap video editing software?
Answers to these questions and any other information you guys might have on live streaming via Twitch or YouTube would be greatly appreciated!

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I'd voucher OBS Studio and Blender for questions 1 and 2. OBS Studio is pretty straight-forward in my experience, all you really need to do for Picture-in-Picture is set a Game Capture source for the game in question and a Video Capture Device source for your camera, then stretch the camera source to the desired size. Switching to studio mode will let you edit these things while streaming without the audience noticing. Studio also allows you to record to your hard drive at one quality setting while streaming at another, which is pretty handy. Blender's a tiny bit of a bitch getting set up in a way to mimic Premier, but the flexibility you're awarded with the multiple video/audio tracks and precise control over exported file format details is worth it, I'd say.

Both are also free and open-source, so that's a plus.

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