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map2wad v0.83

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highlights of new version:
<begin sexy ctrl-v action>
Lisencing change to GNU-GPL
Added graceful quit on out of memory, out of disk space, or access denied.
Added ability to specify default textures on command line - run map2wad with no arguments to view syntax. (for mmnpsrsoskl ;) )
A player 1 start is now placed at the build playerstart (brown arrow) position.
Added check for map version 7.

however, i have nowhere to host the zip. there are archives that take misc doom utilities right? (which is what this is)

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You might be able to send it to /incoming

Cause, there seems to be an abundance of doom utilities on 3darchives...

Edit : As an alternative, I can host it on my site.

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too late! i'm already up to v0.85! :)

but really, with 0.85 the one main problem has been solved (anyone who read the docs and used map2wad v0.81b will know what i'm talking about here): the restriction on sidedef sector refrences in inner loops has been removed. plus bugfixes and crash protection and source code under the GPL (of course once you look at the source code you'll lose all respect in me because of how simple the whole program is to write ;) ). anyway let me package it up and i'll upload it to /incoming, but what /incoming? i know cdrom.com is no more, what is the official replacement?

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