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/idgames Random demos

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Join in if you want. You don't have to record a demo on whatever map you get -- just be willing to record on bad maps. :)

Descriptions for ease of DSDA uploading:


UV-Max in 3:58
Map 01, GlBoom+ v2.5.1.4 -complevel 2


UV-Max in 6:12
Map 07, -complevel 2


UV-Max in 9:39
Map 01, -complevel 2


UV-Max in 2:02
E2M1, -complevel 3


UV-Max in 4:04
Map 01, -complevel 2


UV-Max in 5:52
Map 09, -complevel 2

These are mostly classic (or in emulation of the classic style, in the case of stoned.wad). My favorite was rocktobr.wad, a birthday map -- I'd highly recommend this one if you're looking for a small map to play casually. Was an exciting 10-minute affair. Nemesis and 12die4 were the most playable of the oldschool maps, both quite quirky unsurprisingly. Nexxus is, uh, somewhat bizarre. Ithurts was a somewhat tedious map casually but quite fun to blitz through. The text files have additional descriptive content.


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The OP supposed to be an entry in the Doom exploration thread, but I missed that it was for only Doom I maps. I made this a separate thread because I intend for it to be an ongoing thing, and of course because I want to see other people run random idgames maps from 199x or whatever. :D

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