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Looking for non-linear sandbox style maps?

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Glaice said:

Would Marine's Folly work in your criteria somewhat?

That was a cool map, though I was hoping for something more with an open world style feel. Though I did really enjoy how that map constantly opened up into old areas.

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There's that 7 Sins map.

And there's Tricks and Traps from Doom 2.

And map17 of Freedoom.

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50 shades of GRAYTALL MAP10. Probably the best of that megawad.
Vrack 2, perhaps?
Doom 2 MAP12-15

edit: forgot Ultimate Doom E3M6!

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Also, how non-linear are we talking about? Because if we are talking about it on an extreme level then try map13 of Freedoom.

I still can't finish it.

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