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Annoying scripting error

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I am trying to make this script activate only if the game is in deathmatch mode.

here's a test script I was trying to do, but Eternity keeps crashing on me even if this script is not activated, it will start up after I erase this script entirely. How can I get the gamemode() function to work right?

example script:

script 2
if(gamemode() == 0)
message("single player on");
elseif(gamemode() == 1)
message("coop on");
elseif(gamemode() == 2)
message("deathmatch on");


can anyone find out why this keeps causing the port to crash?

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The if/elseif construct is known to be buggy. The present FS system is very messy and just about impossible to improve or fix, so it is in the process of being completely replaced.

By the way, DOOM Legacy is known to have this same problem.

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